Each year we will choose a few different causes to support and donate all of our profits to.  This year we are supporting East Bergholt High School and Constable Hall.

If you would like to suggest a cause for us to support, please email enquiries@eastbergholtcommunityfund.co.uk


We are very fortunate to have a high school in our village.  The school works very hard to help its pupils achieve their best with extremely limited budgets.

This year we will be donating funds to the high school to enable them to buy equipment they couldn't otherwise achieve.  We look forward to seeing what they invest in.


The Constable Hall is a fantastic resource for our village where many of our much loved village events take place as well as many clubs, events and activities for people of all ages.

The hall needs continuous maintenance and is in need of funds to improve certain aspects of the building.  We are pleased that we will be able to help keep the building in great shape for all village members.