Each year we will choose a few different causes to support and donate all of our profits to.  This year we are supporting East Bergholt CEVC Primary School and a second cause is currently under discussion.  

If you would like to suggest a cause for us to support, please email enquiries@eastbergholtcommunityfund.co.uk


Our primary school is a wonderful part of our village life.  Under the management of the brilliant Mrs Mitchell, it is going from strength to strength.  The school, however, still works with extremely limited budgets.  

This year we will be donating funds to the school specifically to help fund Geenee boards, which are interactive boards for the classrooms.  They will allow teachers to access any digital resources for their teaching to enhance the children's learning.   We are aiming to buy 3 boards in total, benefiting 3 of the school years.  We have donated £7,202 to find these.