East Bergholt Community Fund is a CIO [charitable incorporated organisation], which is a new form of legal entity designed for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom.

The fund has been set up by a dedicated committee of East Bergholt villagers.


We have created East Bergholt Community Fund in order to raise funds for the people in our community who most need help.  We will select causes each year to support.

Our support will be largely financial for these causes but we will also help our causes in other ways.  For instance, we are helping Royal Voluntary Service with their marketing through advice sessions with one of our committee members and by distributing their leaflets and posters locally for them.  We will continue to use the expertise we have on our committee to help in whatever way we can.

We choose our causes each year with the following values in mind:

  • To support causes across the age spectrum of our community
  • To benefit children in our community by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and education
  • To assist people who feel socially excluded, such as the elderly who may be ill or house-bound
  • To be socially inclusive
  • To benefit the inhabitants of the village most in need

If you would like to suggest a cause for us to support, please email enquiries@eastbergholtcommunityfund.co.uk.


Sian Hargarves

"Sian is a mum of 3 who grew up in the local area and has lived in East Bergholt for the last 9 years.  She has a legal and administrative background spanning 30 years so is thoroughly enjoying applying these skills to such an exciting new venture for the local community."

Clare Slade

"Clare, living and working in East Bergholt with her family is committed to helping the local community thrive.  She hopes her various skills and willingness will be useful in this new fund raising venture!"

Jenna Ackerley

"Jenna runs a local events business and has lived in the village since 2012 with her young family.  Her contacts and equipment will help us to operate our ball with minimal costs, and she is delighted to be involved in our community venture."

Zoe Cossor

"Inspired by her love of interior design, Zoe retrained as an upholsterer after working in the city for 18 years. She moved to East Bergholt in 2011 with her husband and two children. In being a member of the East Bergholt Community Fund, she hopes to bring some extra fun to the village whilst helping her local community."

Rachel Maan

“Rachel moved to the village in 2011 with her husband and two children.  She feels very lucky to live in such a lovely place.  Her background in operational and project management in the NHS lends itself well to organising our charity events.”

Suzy Thirlwall

"Suzy moved to the village 5 and half year ago with her partner and 2 boys .  She's currently chair of the parents and friends association at the village school and works as a nurse at Ipswich Hospital. Suzy is passionate about raising money for our local community and proud to be part of the community fund committee."

Annabel Utley

"Annabel and her family moved to East Bergholt in 2014 and they all enjoy being part of an active village community. With a background in consulting, Annabel is thrilled to be involved in raising funds for worthy local causes."

Kate Cotterill

"Kate is a mother of 3 boys who has loved her time living in East Bergholt. Her 20 years in the marketing industry are helping our charity and causes alike."



Our Values